From a Simple Radio App to an App with Superpowers

Radio Złote Przeboje is a mobile app for iOS and Android with a few superpowers. It allows to stream this radio station comfortably on a mobile device but also has other useful functionalities, like an alarm clock, push notifications or direct access to contests.

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Radio Złote Przeboje app was already available at app stores, but the product was a few years old and required many changes in order to meet contemporary consumer’s expectations.

The client provided us with redesign which gave us an initial direction. Our challenge was to breath new life into the app and adapt it to modern users’ requirements and needs. We had to add new functionalities, beneficial for both client and user.

That way we faced the task of giving the simple radio app some serious extra powers.


Agora Media Group, one of the biggest media companies in Poland, owns Helios cinema network and a publishing house. The group creates cultural, entertainment and educational events and runs popular polish magazines, journals, and a few various radio stations — among them Radio Złote Przeboje that plays international golden hits.


Radio Złote Przeboje is a cross-platform app, so we needed to develop only one source code and then easily adapted it to each platform. That speeded up the whole process. We used the Ionic Framework to get access to all native device’s features (like geolocation) and provide excellent User Experience.

A complete change in terms of design and choosing lighter colours make the app look modern. It attracts users with minimalist and intuitive interface. We improved animations in transitions and radio launching element so that the app provides better UX and is easy-to-use.

We equipped the app with new functionalities:

  • Users can set an alarm clock in the app and wake up to the sound of radio’s jingle or golden hits played at this moment.
  • Due to adding geolocation, the app is able to establish a user’s location and choose the nearest local radio station to offer dedicated content.
  • We added a contest mechanism so that users can enter a contest directly through the app. Contests are exposed on the main screen and user’s “For You” section.
  • We gave the app the power of sending push notifications to its users. They mainly apply to contests or link to external URLs.
  • Users can share links from Radio Złote Przeboje to other apps that are installed on their devices.
  • The app shows a list of songs that will be played soon.
  • Users can contact the radio host directly.

Streaming itself was also improved, and we eliminated problems connected to listening to the radio when the screen is off. We attached analytical tools to the product (Google Analytics and Crashlytics) that allow analyzing thoroughly how the app works and be aware if users have any problems. We also added Google AdMob, so that the app can display advertisements.

Benefits for the client

Modernising and enhancing the app’s design allows attracting more users. Push notifications, especially those announcing contests, continuously support their engagement.

Optional advertisements within the app allow the client to get revenue from it. Analytical tools, in turn, enable tracking the traffic, get statistical analysis and crash reports.

Thanks to the ability to share links to other apps like Facebook, happy users spread the information about the app and Radio’s contests to their friends what allows our client to increase reach.

What is more, regarding client’s requirements, the application was built based on components, so he can quickly create an app for his other radio stations on the grounds of Radio Złote Przeboje app.

What client says?

We appreciated a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole process, the ability to contact developers directly and the team’s flexibility.


Kamil Redosz, Product Owner at Agora S.A.

The client was satisfied with the result and the quality of this project. We’ve managed to meet the company’s expectations with our new version of Radio Złote Przeboje mobile app.

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