Radio Pogoda: How we created an extra-powered radio app in a couple of days

Radio Pogoda is a Polish radio station that plays old hits from the 20s to 60s. We faced the task of developing a mobile app for the radio and managed to do it in a couple of days. In the app, you can not only listen to music but also set an alarm clock with the streaming or enter a contest.

  • IT consulting
  • System architecture
  • UX design
  • Cross-platform mobile app development


To be super specific, the client needed 3 mobile apps for his radio stations, each for Android and iOS. Apps needed to be modern and adjusted to contemporary users’ requirements. Client cared about attracting new listeners and supporting their engagement. Apps were aimed to bring the radio closer to their listeners. The goal of this project was to create a modern mobile app for Radio Pogoda and two other Agora’s radio stations. The challenge was also connected to developing them super fast.


At first, we developed a modernized version of the Radio Złote Przeboje app, that was already available in app stores but needed many changes. We decided to go with cross-platform development to speed up the process. We wrote the code with modules so that a Radio Pogoda app was developed in a couple of days as a clone of Radio Złote Przeboje app. It only needed adjusting. That way, we were able to create apps for Android and iOS in a few days. The Radio Pogoda app was equipped with such functionalities like an alarm clock, contest mechanism, push notifications. It is connected to social media to boost its marketing power.

Benefits for the client

  • We created a code that was easy to clone, so a client invested in developing the first app and a Radio Pogoda app was only a small investment. In just a couple of days, the client received 3 finished apps, each for Android and iOS.
  • Radio Pogoda app is modern and easy-to-use, so it attracts new users and boosts the brand.
  • The app is a great marketing tool thanks to push notifications, connecting to social media, and adding analytical and advertisement tools. Agora can know listeners better, understand their behaviours and make more money thanks to ads.

What client says?

We appreciated a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole process, the ability to contact developers directly and the team’s flexibility.


Kamil Redosz, Product Owner at Agora S.A.

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