Stripe Is Now Available in Poland! And That’s Great for Your Business

Stripe is now available in Poland

On September 9th, 2019, Stripe started its operations in Poland. It means that from that moment, companies registered in Poland can use Stripe to serve payments for their online businesses, web and mobile apps. Since Stripe is one of the most convenient payment systems, that’s great news and considerable facilitation for Polish companies.

Stripe Finally Available for Polish Businesses

Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows businesses to accept credit card payments online. Thanks to the system, card payments on websites, mobile apps and web apps can be processed easily. Over a million businesses use Stripe to provide an easy and secure payment method to their clients. Since then Stripe was available for companies from 26 countries, but from September 9th launched in 8 new ones, among them in Poland. Now 34 countries can benefit from its services.

Stripe account is similar to a bank account. It has its own dashboard, and you can authorize chosen users to give them access. Every account needs to have a default currency. Although you can collect payments in any currency – they are then converted to yours. With Stripe, you can set up payment forms to your website, web app or mobile app the way you need it. You can use Stripe Checkout to set up the form in the fastest and most automated way, but you also can benefit from the Stripe’s API to create a totally customized form. To be able to use Stripe, you have to pay a fee on each payment.

Why Is Stripe so Great for Online Businesses?

Stripe provides extremely secure payments. After integrating it correctly to your website or app, all sensitive data bypasses your servers and goes directly to Stripe. After that, Stripe gives you a token related to the transaction. It’s really convenient that you can integrate Stripe directly to your website, web or mobile app. Other payment processing services cause more trouble during the integration. 

Stripe is also always up to date – they were excellently prepared for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) months before it went live. From September 14th, 2019, new payment regulations came to Europe – the additional customer authentication is now mandatory for online payments. Stripe created solutions that are totally ready for SCA and help businesses to benefit from available exemptions.

There’s a full set of Stripe’s solutions for any case needed. There are many products available for Stripe accounts: an accounting platform, a tool for mobile payment optimization or Stripe Relay. The last product allows other businesses to sell their products within your app. Customers can make a purchase without leaving your mobile app.

With Stripe, clients can pay with any currency they want, regardless of your default account currency. They can also use Google Pay and Apple Pay. Businesses can accept payments in over 130 currencies.

Stripe is perfectly prepared for developers making it fast and easy to integrate with a website or an app. The documentation is excellently prepared. It gives developers examples which are relevant to what they’re doing, and many of the code snippets can be directly transferred to the code. 

Stripe for Payments in Mobile Apps – an Excellent Solution

Stripe available in Poland

Native iOS and Android libraries created by Stripe allow businesses to collect credit card information directly. No sensitive data needs to pass your servers. Stripe’s SDKs for Android and iOS support Android 4.4 an up and are compatible with iOS 9.0 and above. SDKs provide easy-to-use, customized UI elements that can be easily adapted to your mobile app. SDKs are also ready for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Integrate Stripe to Your App

At Appstronauts, we offer you help with integrating Stripe to your web or mobile app. We’re experienced in creating apps with Stripe. You can estimate your project for free by fulfilling this short form. Let’s team up for your success!


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