Design Sprint: Tested Prototype of Your Idea in a Week

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It lasts for 5 days. Gives you answers, solutions, and a prototype of your idea, which is tested on real users. Design Sprint – get ready to validate your product idea in a week!

What Is Design Sprint?

As a business owner, you would certainly like to validate your idea for a mobile app, web app or any other digital product before investing money in development. And we’re here to tell you that there is a fast and cost-effective way to do it. It would require work, but the outcome will be invaluable. What is more, at the end of the process, you will leave with answers, strategies and a clear vision of your product. What is more, it will be tested on the target audience. How to achieve it? By organizing Design Sprint.

Design Sprint is an intense, 5-day project aimed to validate your idea and turn it into a clickable prototype. It’s a ready framework, and each step of it gives you answers to essential questions connected to your product and business.

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Design Sprint is organized in the form of workshops, and sometimes it’s also called Product Discovery Workshop. Software development companies organize Design Sprints for their clients who have issues with validating their app ideas on their own, want to work on the product with experienced specialists and learn about potential risks and opportunities.

Which Questions Can Be Answered?

Design Sprint is perfect for you if you want to find out if your idea for a digital product has potential. Together with a chosen software development company, you will look for the problems your product can solve and validate the chance for success. You’re going to discover more about your business potential and goals, as well as your target users. A thorough analysis of possibilities will lead you to create a clickable prototype, which will be tested on a group of real users.

That kind of workshop can also help you with:

  • validating new features for your already existing product, 
  • looking for new solutions for a product that doesn’t engage its users,
  • looking for a solution for a problem you’re up against,
  • validating an MVP,
  • looking for new solutions for a product that does not keep up with the competition.
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What Do You Get After Design Sprint?

After a workshop with a chosen software development company, you receive maps, sketches and a prototype of your future product. You know if you’ve chosen the right direction for the functionalities and further development. You’re aware of any risks connected to your product, as well as the additional opportunities it creates.

What is more, everything you learn is concentrated on your future users. After Design Sprint, your product becomes user-centred because you and your software house learn about your users’ needs, problems and expectations. Every decision is made with the interest of your future users and satisfying their needs. The prototype you receive is aligned with a problem you’re trying to solve for your target audience.

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Design Sprint: How Does It Look Like?

At Appstronauts, we organize Design Sprints for our clients, and that is how the whole process looks like:

Day 1. The process starts with understanding your business, its goals and requirements, as well as your future users, their problems and expectations. You explain your vision to our designers and developers, share knowledge about your audience’s needs, as well as your competition and market. Then, we work together, discussing and understanding the problem. Our goal is to set a target for the next 4 days. Together with our specialists, you create a user journey map and build empathy with your users.

Day 2. This day is about ideating and talking about solutions. Brainstorming, design thinking exercises, storyboarding are the tools we use. Everyone can express their opinions. We need to evaluate each solution.

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Day 3. It’s decision time. After choosing the best solution, it’s time to go back to the storyboard and prepare the prototype’s flow. We create a detailed plan of what needs to be built and divide tasks between team members.

Day 4. This day we are working on the prototype of your idea. A prototype will be clickable, ready for user testing. We also need to write a user interview script, which will be crucial tomorrow.

Day 5. It’s time for testing. Day 5 is all about conducting user interviews and getting their feedback. User answers and reactions let us validate the solution. We also organize sprint retrospective to summarize all the results. Then, we present to you what should be done next, regarding users’ feedback.

Design Sprints are all about teamwork, and at Appstronauts, we organize it no different. We need you the most on Day 1 and Day 5, but you are welcome to take part in each day’s activities. That allows us to learn even more about your vision and goals and lets you to make the most of the workshop.

Interested in organizing Design Sprint with Appstronauts? Send us a message at We’ll reach to you soon!


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